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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of questions I get about my rates and my sessions.

Q. How does this work?

A: Fill out the form above or click the contact link in the menu above and let me know about the session or event you would like to have photographed. We'll agree on a time and location for your photo shoot. Half the fee is due on booking and the other half is due on delivery of the photos. 

Q: Why are your rates so cheap?

A: I love taking, editing and delivering photographs that capture moments, emotions and memories and want it to be affordable for everyone to have a cool special gift. 

Q: Why are your rates so expensive?

Hey! That last guy thought they were cheap!

Q: Do you have a studio?

A: No. All shoots will be done at a location of our mutual choosing. I also think natural lighting in a beautiful location makes for the most compelling images!

Q: I have an extensive Star Trek: Deep Space Nine figurine collection. Many of the figurines are made of dried pasta, usually Fusilli or Rigatoni. Can you do a shoot of me pretending to be in a holodeck or using a replicator with my various figurines?

A: Sure, that sounds cool!

Q: Is that question above really asked FREQUENTLY?

A: Yes, I get it all the time.

Q: Why don't you do weddings?

A: Between the required preparation, second shooter, additional equipment and high stakes, it's not something I want to focus on at the moment. 

Q: Your photos are cool!

A: That's not a question.

Q: Oh... um... Can I offer you congratulations on how cool your photos are?

A: Yes you may. Thank you.

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